Nuclear Reactor

Nuclear Reactor a device for producing controlled release of nuclear energy. Such a reactor can be used for research or for power production. The first nuclear reactor of Bangladesh was installed at atomic energy research establishment at Savar about 40 km away from Dhaka city. The thermal power of the reactor is 3,000 kW.

After independence of Bangladesh, the need to have a low-power nuclear reactor for the Atomic Energy Commission was felt to increase its research and development capabilities. Accordingly, an agreement was signed in 1979 with General Atomic Co of USA for supply and installation of 3MW TRIGA reactor at Atomic Energy Research Establishment at Savar. The trade name TRIGA stands for training, research and isotope production of General Atomic Co but also indicates the purpose for which it is used. An amount of about Tk 140 million (1983) in total was spent for the reactor project.

The reactor is mainly used in education, research, training and for production of radioisotopes. The research activities include different multi-disciplinary activities and are of both academic and applied nature. The radioisotopes produced are used in diagnosis and treatment of different diseases at medical centres and hospitals. The isotopes also have manifold uses in industries. They are used in radiography of industrial objects, in non-destructive testing of welds and components, in nucleonic control for use in industries, and as tracers in hydrology studies, etc. [AQM Abdul Ahad]

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