Abhayakar Gupta

Abhayakar Gupta (c 1091-1106) Buddhist scholar, born in a ksatriya family of Bengal. According to ather view, he was born at Jharkhand in Orissa. He is believed to have written about twenty books on vajrayana, among them Marmakaumudi, Bodhipaddhati, and Yogavali. Pundit Abhaykar worked as a professor at Buddhagaya, Nalanda and Vikramasila Viharas. Pundit Bibhutichandra of Jagoddal Mahavihara in North Bengal, translated a few of Abhayakar's books into Tibetan. For his contribution in spreading buddhism, he was hored with the title of 'Panchherin Pochhei' in Tibetan, meaning 'the lama endowed with the virtues of a king'. [Nikhil Ranjan Biswas]