Ksatriya the second of the four Hindu castes. The Rigvedic hymn Purusasukta states that Ksatriyas originated from the arms of the Creator. Ksatriyas are ranked after brahmans and their chief duty in the past was to ensure the safety and security of the state and its people. In other words, they were rulers and warriors. They are Aryan. Apart from ruling the country, they also acquired knowledge. There were several Ksatriya saints, composers of Vedic hymns, and scholars who attained high intellectual and social position. In ancient times social interaction as well as marriages took place between the Brahman and the Ksatriya.

There are hundreds of castes and sub-castes in India. In Bengal, where Ksatriyas did not emerge as a strong caste or sub-caste, intermarriages between Ksatriya men and Vaisya and Sudra women created two sub-castes: Mahisya and Ugra. In Bangladesh many Hindus in khulna, satkhira, bagerhat, dinajpur and rangpur claim to be Pundra Ksatriya. Some of them also live in the sundarbans region of west bengal. Their rites and rituals are the same as those of other Hindus. [Hiralal Bala]