Ali, Shamsher

Ali, Shamsher (1919-1964) novelist. Popularly known by his pen name 'Beduin Shamsher', was born in 1919 at Gopalpur in faridpur. After matriculating from Faridpur, he left for Kolkata to study at Presidency College. After graduating, he joined the police, but left soon after to join the Dhaka Bar. Despite his legal commitments, he found time to write novels, which earned him considerable popularity. His novels include Beiman (1944), Rickshawala (1950), Budigangar Buke (2nd Edition, 1956), Dishahara (1956), Kanta O Phul (1956), Tar O Jhangkar (1956), Chaoya O Paoya (1963). Shamsher Ali died on 23 February 1964. [Badiuzzaman]