Atiqullah, Sayeed

Atiqullah, Sayeed (1933-1998) poet and journalist, was born in tangail district. After doing his MA in Political Science from Dhaka University, he started working as a journalist. He worked briefly in a bank, but then returned to journalism.

Atiqullah was imprisoned for his involvement in the language movement of 1952. He also took active part in the war of liberation in 1971 and in the anti-Ershad movement in the eighties. However, his contribution was mainly to literature. Though primarily a poet, he also wrote a number of stories. Both his journalistic and literary writings are marked by his keen power of observation and inspired by his socialistic ideals.

Among Atiqullah's books of poetry are Amake Chhada Anek Kichhu, Andhir Yato xhatrumitra, Ei Ye Tumul Drsti, Sabkhanei Chada Rod, Shasan Nei Dhamak Nei, Cheye Dekhi Kata Kichhu and Ekai Tebile Dashjan. He also translated some books of poetry from English, Russian and urdu. In recognition of his literary achievements, he was awarded the Bangla Academy Award, Padavali Puraskar and Abul Mansur Ahmed Literary Award. [Wakil Ahmed]