Aziz, Khan Bahadur Abdul

Aziz, Khan Bahadur Abdul (1863-1926) educationist, writer, and social worker, was born in Feni, noakhali, son of Amjad Ali, Personal Assistant to the Commissioner, Chittagong division. After graduating from Dhaka College (1886), he joined the Education Department of the Provincial Government as a teacher. He subsequently became Sub-Inspector of Schools.

Abdul Aziz realised very early the importance of education for the development of society, especially for the backward Muslim community. In 1883, while still a student, he established the dhaka mussalman suhrid sammilani (Dhaka Muslim Friends' Conference), the prime objective of which was to impart education to rural girls and women. After his entry into active professional life, Abdul Aziz established the Mussalman Shiksa Sabha (Muslim Education Society) in Chittagong, to make the Muslim community aware about the importance of education. Through this society, he established Victoria Islam Hostel, Kabiruddin Memorial Library, and Free Islamia Reading Room, etc. in Chittagong. He also founded the Anjumane Ashate Islam (1896) at Noakhali, the purpose of which was to bring about social reform.

Abdul Aziz had a literary bent. He composed an elegy, 'Ubedi biyog' (The Loss of Ubaidi), on the death of his teacher, ubaidullah al-ubaidi suhrawardy (1832-86). Another of his poetical works is Kavita Kalika (1885). Mayadnol ulum (1892, 2nd Edition) in his translated book based on Muslim religion and their social customs. Whenever kazi nazrul islam visited Chittagong, he stayed with Abdul Aziz. When Abdul Aziz died, Nazrul Islam composed an elegy on him: 'Banglar Aziz' (Aziz of Bengal). In recognition of his services to education and his social work, the British government awarded him the title of 'Khan Bahadur'. Two of the grandchildren of Abdul Aziz were habibullah bahar chowdhury and shamsunnahar mahmud. [Wakil Ahmed]