Bamabodhini Patrika

Bamabodhini Patrika a monthly journal edited by Umeshchandra Dutta (1840-1907) from 1863. He along with some other young Brahmo activists established the Bamabodhini Sabha in 1863. Its declared aim was to educate Bengali housewives and to publish suitable books and journals for them. Bethune School was founded in 1849, and the total number of girls' schools in Bengal in 1863 was 35 with students numbering only 1183. Umeshchandra and others tried to educate Bengali families through the medium of a journal. The outcome was the' Bamabodhini Patrika.

Bamabodhini Sabha started the journal in August 1863 (Bhadra 1270 BS). Though peary chand mitra and Radhanath Sikdar started Masik Patrika in 1854 with the same object, they could sustain it only for four years. However, Bamabodhini Patrika was a success from the beginning and continued up to 1922. Umeshchandra edited the monthly journal assisted by Kshetramohan and Basantakumar Dutta in the beginning. After him, its editors were Sukumar Dutta, Tarakumar Kabiratna and some others.

Bamabodhini brought both conservative and liberal writers in its fold. Its subjects covered religion, ethics, science, history, household medicine, childcare, women's education and so on. The Bamabodhini witnessed a turning point in our history, and recorded in its pages the women's role in a changing society. It was always vocal about discrimination against women.

The Bamabodhini greatly influenced the womenfolk in many ways especially about their rights. Many women entered literary career through writing in this journal. [Indrajit Chaudhuri]