Bangladesh Astronomical Association

Bangladesh Astronomical Association established on 5 May 1988, by a group of young astronomers with a view to spreading astronomical knowledge. It regularly publishes the astronomical journal Mahakash Barta [Mahakash Barta (Astronomical News)] in Bangla for general readers. The association takes up various programmes to make people interested about astronomy, including regular open astronomical observations and special camps for observing remarkable astronomical events. Besides, the Bangladesh Astronomical Association usually organises a grand astronomical festival, the 'Dhaka Mahakash Utsab', biennially.

The association regularly conducts a primary astronomical workshop for interested persons. It also organises higher astronomical workshops for those with some knowledge of the subject. The members of the association built a moveable classroom planetarium with its own funds, using local technology. The planetarium is commercially available now.

The Bangladesh Astronomical Association has introduced the 'Bruno Award' since 1990 to recognise the contribution in astronomy. The association maintains the 'Meghnad Saha Scientific Information Centre and Library' for its members. The Association also establishes the Institute of Astronomy, Astrophysics and Plasmaphysics. The institute regularly publishes an international journal, The Bangladesh Journal of Astronomical Research.

The central office of the Association is in Dhaka. It has also branches at BUET (bangladesh university of engineering and technology), narayanganj, sylhet, East-West University and jahangirnagar university. The number of its current members is over five hundred. [Md Mahbub Murshed]