Disaster Management Bureau

Disaster Management Bureau established in 1993 under the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief of the Government of Bangladesh. After only a few months of the disastrous flood of 1988, on 29 April 1991 a catastrophic cyclone and tidal surge occurred. After these two natural hazards, an urge was felt widely in the country and abroad to protect disaster and the Bureau was established accordingly.

The main objectives of the Bureau are: to reduce the casualties of lives and property due to hazards, and achieve self-reliance and sustainable development through proper utilisation of natural resources in post disaster situations. Its main activities are: to design preparatory works for disaster prone districts, up to upazila and union level; conduct training programmes to increase mass awareness; coordinate disaster management activities; collect disaster concerned data and build data-base; prepare the duty schedules regarding disaster as a specialist office of the government.

As Bureau chief, Director General preserves the power of taking all decisions under the direct administrative control of the ministry. Foreign and local consultants and four directors assist him to take decisions. The revenue budget of Bangladesh government and the financial assistance of UNDP and UNICEF meet the expenditure of the Bureau.

Disaster Management Bureau has no organisational establishment or structures of its own in field level. For conducting district, upazila and union level activities the Bureau seeks assistance from Deputy Commissioner of the districts, District Relief and Rehabilitation Officer, Upazila Project Implementation Officer and Chairman of the union councils. It has also joint programmes with different NGOs. [Masud Hasan Chowdhury]