Fateh Ali Waisi

Fateh Ali Waisi (1820Foodgrain-1886) Sufi and persian poet, was born in the village of Amira Bazar in satkania (chittagong). His father, Wares Ali, was also a Sufi and had joined the holy war called by Syed Ahmed Barelvi against the British in the 1820s, and had been killed in the battle of Balakot. Fateh Ali was educated at Hughli Madrasa and calcutta madrasa. From a very early age he adopted a mix of the qadiriah, Chistia and nakshbandia orders of sufism.

Alongside his spiritual practices, Fateh Ali also wrote poetry in Persian, using the poetic name of Waisi. His Diwan-i-Waisi has considerable literary value and has been included in the Persian syllabus of dhaka university. Fateh Ali later moved to Murshidabad. He died in Kolkata in 1886. [Muhammad Farid Uddin Khan]