Film Associations

Film Associations The producers, directors, actors, technicians, distributors and exhibitors form associations to safeguard their professional interests. In the sub-continent, the first such body the Indian Film Association was formed in 1932. In 1938, the industry';s commercial operators established the Bengal Film Association in calcutta. In 1939, another Forum the All Bengal Film Association was set up in Calcutta. In 1940, the cine journalists of Calcutta formed the Bengal Film Journalists Association (BFJA), introduced the BFJA Film Awards in 1941 as a pioneer in India.

After Partition of Bengal in 1947, the distributors and exhibitors of this region formed the East Pakistan Film Association in dhaka. Another such organisation the East Bengal Film Association was established in 1952, with the efforts of Mirza Abdul Kader Sardar, Iftekharul Alam, Captain Zaidi, Abu Naser Ahmed, Labiuddin Siddiqui, Abrar Siddiqui, Captain Ehtesham and Fazle Lohani. A number of producers'; associations were formed after the establishment of the Film Development Corporation (FDC) in Dhaka in 1957. These bodies together with similar organisations of West Pakistan formed the Pakistan Film Producers'; Association with Abdul Majid from Dhaka (Izzat Corporation), as its president. Its vice-president was Abdul Jabbar Khan (Iqbal Films), and its executive committee members were Mosharraf Husain Choudhury (Azli Films) and zahir raihan (Little Cine Circle). 
After the liberation, Bangladesh Film Producers'; Association was formed with khan ataur rahman as its leader. In 1975-76, the distributors also formed their own organisation the Bangladesh Film Distributors'; Association. In 1997, both the bodies two merged into the Bangladesh Film Producers Distributors Association. In addition to safeguarding their professional interests, they made an important contribution to the promotion of film industry by introducing film awards in 1991. 
The first association of film directors was formed in the mid-1960s under the leadership of Zahir Raihan. The Bangladesh Film Directors Association was formed in 1981. The Association of Cine Journalists of Pakistan was formed in Dhaka in 1968. It was revived as the Bangladesh Cine Journalists Association in 1973-74. An important contribution made by it was the introduction of awards for excellence in different branches of films. Other associations formed in the industry include: the Dhaka Metropolitan Film Exhibitors Association, Bangladesh Film Exhibitors Association, Bangladesh Film Editors Association, Bangladesh Film Artistes Association, Bangladesh Assistant Film Directors Association, Bangladesh Film Management Society, Cine Writers Association and Cinema Hall Employees and Workers Union. [Anupam Hayat] [Hayat, Anupam  former Public Information Officer, Trading Corporation of Bangladesh]