Hosen, Sufi Motahar

Hosen, Sufi Motahar (1907-1975) poet, was born in Bhabanandapur in the district of faridpur in 1907, son of Mohammad Hashim, a police officer in Bengal. He passed entrance examination from Faridpur Zilla School and FA from Jagannath College. After graduating from the University of Dhaka in 1931, he worked for two years in the District Judge's court at Faridpur. He then gave up the job and joined Ishan Institute, a school in Faridpur, as a teacher.

Most of Sufi Motahar Hosen's poetry is in the genre of the sonnet, which had been first used for Bangla poetry Bmichael Madhusudhan Dutt.Three books of Motahar Hosen's sonnets have been published: Sonnet Sangkalan (1965), Sonnet Savchayan (1966) and Sonnetmala (1970). The main themes of his poems are the beauty of nature, the influence of nature on the human mind and soul and human love and passion.

Sufi Motahar Hosen contributed to various newspapers and periodicals, including themohammad, saogat, and azad. One of his poems was included in an anthology edited by rabindranath tagore. He received the Adamjee Prize for Literature in 1965, the President's Award for Literature in 1970 and the Bangla Academy Award in 1974. Sufi Motahar Hosen died in 1975. [Mohammad Abdul Awwal]