Institute of Bangladesh Studies

Institute of Bangladesh Studies (IBS) was established in 1974 under the Rajshahi University Act 1973. It began to operate as the pioneer research institute of rajshahi university. The Institute of Bangladesh Studies popularly knows as IBS was founded with a view to conducting research on society, culture, civilisation, politics and economy of Bangladesh. It offers M.Phil and PhD fellowships to researchers interested to work on any aspect of Bangladesh Affairs. The IBS coordinates with other Departments of the University and other research organisations of Bangladesh to conduct higher research projects. Other aims of the IBS include, popularizing Bangladesh related research programmes at home and abroad through seminar, symposium, workshops, conference and publications. Academic activities of the IBS began from 1974-75 session and till now (2010) 219 researchers were awarded with PhD degrees and 79 with M.Phil. At present 41 PhD researchers and 82 M.Phil researchers are engaged in different projects of IBS.

The researchers include fresh post-graduates as well as teachers from universities and colleges, both public and private officer's belong to administration, police, judicial and agriculture cadres, bankers, physicians and NGO workers. Academic session begins from July and ends in June. Every intended researcher has to appear before the admission test. The duration of M.Phil course is 2-5 years and that of PhD course is 3 to 6 years. The M.Phil and PhD researchers are generally supported by scholarships.

The seminar, symposia and workshops organised by IBS to project the research findings, are participated by educationists including university teachers and researchers from home and abroad, and specialists working in government and international organisations. The IBS also organises a series of lecture sessions on various relevant topics, where scholars are invited as visiting professors. IBS has been publishing an annual research journal in English from 1974 and another journal in Bangla from 1994, beside many regular research publications.

IBS is located in the eastern part of Rajshahi University campus. It has an administrative building of 15,000 square feet of flour space, a 4-storyed hostel building having 21.000 square feet of floor space and a 4-storyed family quarters building of 12.000 square feet. There is a library, a seminar and a class-room in the administrative building. [Md Mahbubur Rahman]