Jameri, Kader

Jameri, Kader (1910-1983) classical musician, composer and music director, was born in a family of musicians at Shantibhanga Para in Kolkata, son of Golam Jane Khan, a reputed tabla player. His paternal uncle, Jamiruddin Khan, who was known as the 'king of thungri' was his music teacher and guardian after his father's death. He also studied classical music with Badal Khan, a classical musician.

Kader Jameri gained fame in classical music while still very young. He first appeared as an artiste at a function staged in Kolkata in 1930. A year later, he joined the HMV Gramophone Company as a music director. This position made it easier for him to record his songs and helped to establish him further in the music world.

Kader Jameri came into the limelight as a music director in 1933. He later directed the music of two films: Tomar Amar and Bhule Nagme. He regularly performed bhajan, Git, kheyal and thumr on All India Radio (1937-1943). Subsequently, he was in charge of composing and directing music on All India Radio. From 1946 to 1950 he composed and recorded a considerable number of songs for the HMV Gramophone Company. He also served as an instructor for the Colombia Gramophone Company.

In 1950 Jameri migrated to East Pakistan and settled down in dhaka. He joined the Dhaka branch of Radio Pakistan as a staff artiste on 1 April 1951. By the time he retired in 1969, a circle of disciples had gathered round him. In recognition of his contribution to Bangla music, Sangket Sangskritik Gosthi honoured him with the Sangket Medal in 1980. [Mobarak Hossain Khan]