Kalindi-Jamuna River

Kalindi-Jamuna River one of the trans-boundary rivers which enters Bangladesh through satkhira district. The Ichamati flows south along the eastern border of the district following the international boundary (with West Bengal of India) and is renamed as Kalindi. Flowing further south into the sundarbans the river is again renamed as the raymangal before debouching into the bay of bengal. An offshoot of the Raymangal named Hariabhanga starts at the point where the Raymangal leaves the international boundary. The Hariabhanga follows the international boundary and debouches into the Bay of Bengal. The south talpatti island is located at the mouth of Hariabhanga river. A distributary of the Kalindi named the Jamuna meets with the Raymangal east of the Hariabhanga and jointly debouches into the Bay of Bengal. [Sultana Nasrin Baby]

See map in ganges-padma river system.