Kando Nadi Kando

Kando Nadi Kando (Wail, River, Wail) is a novel by syed waliullah (1968). Though Waliullah is largely influenced by the western style of fictions, his characters, the landscape, and the social milieu in the Kando Nadi Kando are fundamentally Bengali. The story of the life of the junior magistrate, Muhammad Mustafa, of Kumurdanga, is narrated by a steamer passenger, Tabarak Bhuiyan. Waliullah's use of the stream-of-consciousness technique complicates the story as well as the characters, who appear to be inconsistent. The tragic story of Muhammad Mustafa juxtaposes the picture of the common people of Kumurdanga, whose lives are influenced by the drying Bakal river. With its conscious artistry, the book added a new dimension to the Bangla novel of the 'sixties of the last century. [Nurul Amin]