Khan, Ashraf Ali

Khan, Ashraf Ali (1901-1939) poet and journalist, born at Panail under Alfadanga thana in the district of faridpur. Ashraf Ali Khan passed the Entrance examination from the village high school and the IA from Presidency College, Kolkata. In 1923 he joined the Income Tax office, Kolkata as a clerk. His journalistic career started with the publication of the weekly Beduin in 1927. He resigned from his government job next year and was appointed editor of the soltan. He also edited a magazine called Raktaketu.

In 1929, Ashraf Ali Khan came to Dhaka and became involved in a number of activities. At one stage he formed the Bengal Provincial Darzi (tailors) Sangha to improve the condition of tailors. He subsequently returned to Kolkata and resumed journalism. Apart from Beduin, he also worked at the weekly Naujawan.

Ashraf Ali Khan was also a poet. His books of poetry include Bhorer Kuhu (1936), Shekwa (1933, Translation of Iqbal';s poems), Kabkal (1935), Ghazal Gan, Hater Moya, etc. He committed suicide in impecunious circumstances, on 19 November 1939 in Kolkata. [Wakil Ahmed]