Rahman, Ustad Matiur

Rahman, Ustad Matiur (1900-1967) violinist, singer, composer and music teacher. Better known as Moti Mia, Matiur Rahman was born in Brahmanbaria district, son of Saodagar Mia also a musician.

Encouraged by his family, Matiur Rahman began cultivating music from his childhood. His father taught him to play the clarinet and the violin. Thereafter he learnt to play the sarod from Ustad Ahmed Ali, to sing kheyal from Kaminikumar Bhattacharya and classical music from Ustad Muhammad Husain Khasru. He was also a disciple of ustad ayet ali khan.

Matiur Rahman enjoyed the patronage of the famous musicologist Birendra Kishore Roychoudhury and was able to establish himself at Shillong. He earned the distinction of being the opening singer at the inauguration of Shillong radio station. In 1962 he joined the Dhaka station of Radio Pakistan as staff artiste. Later he left the job and became principal of chhayanaut. He died on 19 Magh 1374 BS (February 1967). [Abul Hasnat]