Rajshekhar (c 880-920 AD) Sanskrit scholar, poet and rhetorician. Although born in a Marathi ksatriya family, he spent his active life in Bengal. He was a teacher and counsellor of King Mahendra Pala and his son Mahindra Pala.

Rajshekhar's ancestors were also noted scholars and litterateurs. His wife, Abantisundari, was a learned woman. Rajshekhar was widely known as a witty poet and disciple of Bharat in rhetorical literature. His well-known books include Kavya-Mimamsa (rhetoric literature), Bala-Ramayana, Bala-Bharata, Karpuramavjari and Biddhashalabhavjika. Kavya-Mimamsa is a famous and widely discussed book on sanskrit rhetorical literature with in-depth analysis of verses. The book is still an important reference for old Bangla and Sanskrit literature. [Monoranjan Ghosh]