Ramsahar a site of archaeological importance. It is situated, approximately 2.5 km southwest of mahasthan citadel, on the eastern part of village Ramsahar under Gokul union of bogra sadar upazila. The Karatoya flows to the east of the site at a distance of about one km. Tanks and low-lying cultivated lands surround the site. At present modern settlers and Ramsahar Primary School occupy it. It measures approximately 400m north to south and 150m east to west with a height of 5m from the surrounding fields.

Brickbats and ancient ceramics are littered all over the site. NBPW (North Indian Black Polished Ware) along with Black Slipped Ware, one sherd of Rouletted Ware, glass beads, semi-precious stone beads and several brick walls have been found from a depth of about 2m while digging for the foundation of the school building. The bricks are 32 x 7 25 x 7 4 cm and 30 x 7 29 x 7 5 cm. Clay have been used as mortar in building the walls. This site seems to represent a secular settlement of the early historic period. [SS Mostafizur Rahman]