Razakar a paramilitary force formed at Pakistan government initiative to assist it and to resist the freedom fighters during the war of liberation in 1971. Razakar is a Persian term meaning 'volunteers'. At the time of partition of India in 1947, Nizam of Hydrabad, having been unwilling to the annexation of his kingdom to India, formed a volunteer corps named 'Razakar' for resisting the entry of the Indian army into his kingdom.

During the liberation war in 1971 Razakar force was formed by Pakistan government in the model of the Razakar of Hydrabad. It was constituted in the month of May with an enrolment of 96 loyalist activists in the Ansar camp at Khan Jahan Ali Road in Khulna. This force was subsequently formed in different parts of East Pakistan.

At the initial stage, the razakars were subordinate to the local peace committees. By the promulgation of East Pakistan Razakar Ordinance on 1 June 1971, General tikka khan converted the Ansars into Razakars who were recognised as the members of the Pakistan army through an ordinance of the Ministry of Defence promulgated on 7 September.

The tenure of the primary training of the Razakars was 15 days. The training of the first batch of Rajakar force was completed on 14 July 1971 at Kustia. General ameer abdullah khan niazi, chief of the eastern command of the Pakistan army, took salute at the closing parade at Savar on 27 November 1971 on completion of the training of the first batch of the company commanders of Razakar force. Subsequently, the Razakar force was elevated to the status of a separate directorate. The Razakar force disintegrated with the surrender of the Pakistan army on 16 December 1971. [Muntassir Mamoon]