Roy, Satish Chandra

Roy, Satish Chandra (1866-1931) educationist, litterateur and researcher was born in a zamindar family at shahjadpur in pabna district on 17 October 1866. He passed Entrance examination from Dhaka Collegiate School, FA from Dhaka College, BA from General Assembly's Institution and MA from Sanskrit College.

Satish Chandra started his career as a teacher at jagannath college. He left teaching shortly afterwards to devote himself to literary activities and research. He was proficient in Hindi language and literature and well versed in history, linguistics and archaeology.

Satish Chandra collected many ancient puthis for Dhaka University, which are preserved in the university library. He also conducted research on these manuscripts. At the request of Dhaka University he edited Harivangsha, an ancient poetic work by Bhavananda, which was published by the university. Some other important books edited by Satish Chandra include Gopalcharitam, Nayikaratnamala, and Padakalpataru.

Satish Chandra translated several Sanskrit books into Bangla, among them kalidasa' Meghdut, jaydev's Gitagovindam and Kaludev's Rasamavjari. Apart from his Bangla books and scholarly essays, he also wrote a number of essays in Hindi.

Satish Chandra was vice-president of the vangiya sahitya prishad. He was also an expert in music and used to play mridanga and tabla. He died at Dhamgar in Narayanganj district on 29 May 1931. [Satyanarayan Chakraborty]