Sheikh Faizullah

Sheikh Faizullah (16th century) a major poet of medieval bangla literature, was born in the Barasat area of west bengal. According to some scholars, Faizullah was a resident of South radha while others believe that he was from comilla.

Three noted poetical works of Faizullah are Satyapirbijay (The victory of Satyapir, 1575), goraksavijay (The victory of Goraksa) and Gazibijay (The victory of Gazi). In addition to these books, he has to his credit collection volumes of poems titled Jaynaber Chautisha, Sultan Jamjama, Ragmala and Padabali. However, there is another Faizullah, a man of the village Panchna of Howrah, who lived around the 19th century, was a dobhasi (literature in mixed languages) poet, and the author of a volume called Satyapir. [Khandker Muzammil Haq]