Shiba-Baranai-Gurnai River

Shiba-Baranai-Gurnai River Originating from the Manda Beel of Tanore upazila in Rajshahi district, the Shiba river flows south for about 45 km and creates a great meander near Naohata where it is renamed as the Baranai and flows northeast. The river receives the Fakirni, a distributary of the atrai on its left-bank near Bagmara and turns southeast. From here it follows a tortuous course up to Belgharia and bifurcates into two branches. The right arm of the river flows southwest as the Musa Khan and meets the baral at Arani. Another arm flows retaining the name Baranai to meet the Gurnai near Morkal Bazar. The joint flow of Gurnai and Baranai flows southeast as the Gurnai and meets the Gur river at the place named Kalamnagar Para. Again the joint flow of the Gurnai and Gur river advances a little distance and joins the Gumani river to fall into the hurasagar. The total length of the Shiba-Baranai-Gurnai river is about 130 km and the total course is without tidal influence. [Md Mahbub Murshed]

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