Hurasagar River

Hurasagar River the joint flow of the Atrai-Baral and the Phuljhar (the Bangali-Karatoya) rivers. The river Gumani meets with the Gur near Chanchkoir to the east of the chalan beel and flows as the Gumani. Flowing east of chatmohar the river again meets with the baral and flows further as Baral (Atrai-Baral). The Atrai-Baral receives the Phuljhar as its left bank tributary at 48 km southeast of Chatmohar near Baghabari and the joint flow receiving the name Hurasagar which flows further southeast. Near Bera upazila the Hurasagar receives the ichamati on its right bank and falls into the jamuna. Construction of Bera Irrigation Project, a large multi purpose irrigation project on the river is going on at some downstream from Baghabari north-west of Bera Bazar. In the dry season, water will be diverted from the Hurasagar to the command area of the project through the Ichamati river which will be treated as the main supply canal of the irrigation project. Again in monsoon, excess water will be drained from the project area to the Hurasagar through this main canal.

In the past, there was no direct route from the Ichamati to the Hurasagar. To overcome this limitation, a navigation lock has been constructed to cross the local small boats in spite of the water-level difference of the two rivers. Nowadays the discharge of the Hurasagar has declined substantially and it becomes dry in the lean period. This situation may be a threat for the successful running of the Bera Irrigation Project. [Masud Hasan Chowdhury]

See map in brahmaputra-jamuna river system.