Solar Park

Solar Park (Solar Energy Research Centre) a research organisation, established in 1998, under the department of Physics of dhaka college. The aims and objects of the centre are: to organise research activities in the field of solar and other alternative sources of energy; to encourage research projects for utilisation of solar energy in Bangladesh; to help establish multidisciplinary research activities in this field; to look for international assistance and collaborations; to co-ordinate and establish liaison with scientists and engineers working in other institutions inside and outside the country and to collect information and literature on researches in the field of solar and other alternative energy sources and to disseminate them among the research workers. All the teachers and students of the Physics Department of Dhaka College are directly involved with this research centre. The centre arranges demonstrations, seminars and symposiums on solar energy in order to develop consciousness of the young scientists. It also helps research students working on solar energy. The centre participated in a number of science fairs and exhibitions. Dhaka College authority is the main funding agency of the centre. [Md Kamrul Alam Khan]