Tagore, Shaurindra Mohan

Tagore, Shaurindra Mohan (1840-1914) Musician, scholar of dramatics, litterateur. Born in the tagore family of Pathuriaghata, Kolkata, in 1840. His father';s name was Hara Kumar Thakur. Jyotindramohan Tagore was his elder brother. He studied at Hindu College of Kolkata and took lessons in music from Luxmiprasad Mishra and Kshetra Mohan Goswami. He tried to revive and flourish the musical tradition of Bengal and combine Western music cum musical instruments with Bengali music; his influence could be observed in the works of rabindranath tagore. He relentlessly tried to recover and publicise music at individual and institutional levels. He can be justifiably termed as a pioneer of the disciplines of music and drama. He adopted music as his sole devotion in life, so he did not involve himself in any other profession. He established two music institutions, such as Vanga Sangit Vidyalay and Bengal Academy of Music, in 1871 and 1881 respectively, in order to open up institutional opportunities for practicing music.

He was awarded the degree of 'Doctor of Music' by Philadelphia University in 1875 in recognition of his special contribution to the study of music. His fame in the musical arena brought him many institutional honours and recognitions. He was awarded F.R.A S.C.I.E title in 1880, the title of Raja, and knighthood in 1884. The Kolkata University awarded him a fellowship. The Oxford University conferred him the degree of 'Doctor of Music' in 1896. Besides, the Shah of Persia awarded him the honorific title of 'Nawab Shahzada'. He was the author of a number of books in English and Bangla. Notable among his books were: Bhugol O Itihash Ghatita Brittanta (1854), Mukta Phal (1854), Harmonium Sutra (1874), Sabgit-Shastra Probeshika (1877), Bharatiya Natya Rahashya (1877), Victoria Geetimala (1876), Jatiya Sabgit Bishayak Prostab (1876), Jantra Kos (1876), Mridabga Mavjari(1880), Rash-abishkarak Brindak (1880), A Brief History of Tagore Family (1864), Hindu Music from Various Authors (1875), Eight Tunes etc. (1880), The Principal Avataras of the Hindus (1880), The Five Principal Musicians of the Hindus (1882), The Dramatic Sentiments of Aryas (1881), The Eight Principle Rasas of the Hindus(1882); edited and compiled book: Monimela (1st-1876, 2nd-1881). He translated Kalidasa's book Malobikagnimitra in 1872. He died on 5 June 1914. [Shamima Akhter]