Waheed, Abul M’ Ali Muhammad Abdur Rauf

Waheed, Abul M' Ali Muhammad Abdur Rauf (1828-?) poet, translator and editor, was born in calcutta. His original name was Abdur Rauf but his nom de plume was Wahid. Abdur Rauf studied at the Aliyah madrasah, Calcutta. He started his professional career as a journalist. At first he was the editor of Sultanul Akhbar, a Persian journal. Subsequently, he edited durbeen and the Urdu Guide. In 1855 he was appointed a government translator for the Supreme Court of Calcutta. He then became a translator in the Legislative Council of the Governor General in 1862. During this period he taught Persian at the Aliyah Madrasah for two years. He was elected a Fellow of Calcutta University. He was the Secretary of the Anjuman-e-Islami (1855), the first Muslim organisation established in Calcutta with which many leaders of Calcutta were associated. Among his works include Taoyarikhe Bangala (an abstract in Persian of Marshman's History of Bengal), Tarikhe Kalkatte, Taharirate Waheedi, Sarafe Waheedi, Nahbe Waheedi, Shakhe Marjan, Diwane Waheedi (1891), Rubaiyyate Waheedi, Manshaate Waheedi, and Sukhane Maoyun. [Abu Musa Mohammad Arif Billah]