Akhbare Islamia

Akhbare Islamia monthly magazine published from tangail, from Baishakh 1291 BS (April 1884). Maulvi mohammad naimuddin, a resident of Charan in Tangail was editor of the magazine and Mohammad Ali Khan Panni, the zamindar of Karatia, its patron. It was published regularly for ten years, but stopped in 1894. In April 1896 publication was renewed, in a somewhat different format. However, it ceased publication shortly afterwards. Though short-lived, the publication of such a magazine from Tangail in the 19th century was in itself a remarkable event.

When the magazine was revived in 1896, a line written under the title of the magazine made it clear that the magazine was published not only to provide news but also to reflect the Islamic way of life. The ideals of Islam, the lives of important Muslim personalities, the cultural heritage of Islam, and contemporary social and religious matters were published in the magazine. [Wakil Ahmed]