Al-Badr a paramilitary force formed during the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971 under the patronage of the then Pakistan government. Its objective was to create public opinion in favour of the integrity of Pakistan and to provide active assistance to the occupation army in East Pakistan.

Al-Badr was constituted in September 1971 with the spirit and zeal of the mujahids of the historic battle of Badr under the auspices of General Niazi, chief of the eastern command of the Pakistan occupation army. The Al-Badr was created soon after the formation of the razakar force. The Pakistan army was responsible for providing security to Al-Badr at the field level. The Al-Badr had some difference from the Razakars. The Razakars opposed the freedom fighters in general, while Al-Badr’s objective was to create panic among the common people by terror and political killings. The members of Al-Badr were involved in the murder of distinguished intellectuals at Rayerbazar badhya-bhumi (place of execution) in Dhaka. Al-Badr as a force disintegrated with the surrender of the Pakistan army on 16 December 1971. [Muntassir Mamoon]