Atatruk Model High School

Atatruk Model High School established in 1939 in Daganbhuiyan upazila of Feni district as a Middle English School. The then Sub-Divisional Officer of Feni Mizanur Rahman founded the school with the cooperation of local people. The name of the school was given after that of Mustafa Kamal Ataturk, the father of modern Turkey. Remarkable personalities who extended their support to this venture include Arifur Rahman Choudhry, hamidul haq chowdhury, Ray Bahadur Ambita Charan Raxit, Mostafizur Rahman Choudhury, Khan Bahadur Gofran, Engineer Kali Barman Murkherji, Contrctor Fazlur Rahman, Abdul Gani, Khan Bahadur Renu Mia, Ramani Majumder, Shamsul Haq, Obidullah, Bagla Muhuri and Ex-Head Master Jalaluddin Ahmed.

In March 1981 the then Foreign Minister of Turkey Eltar Tarkman along with Turkish Ambassador in Bangladesh Metin Serman visited Atatruk Model High School. Later on 24 December 1982, the then President of Turkey Kenan Evran also inspected the school. Later he sent a technical team to Bangladesh and on their recommendation the government of Turkey gave a grant of two crore taka to construct the present school complex on eight acres of land. The newly built complex include a two-storied academic building, a two-storied administrative building, a three-storied student hostel, an auditorium and a Bungalow for the Head Master's residence.

The school produced many celebrities and well established personalities of different fields. These include, former adviser to the government Kazi Fazlur Rahman, Secretary to the government Abdur Rab, business leader Ex-President of fbcci Abdul Awal Mintoo and peoples' representative like ex-mayor of Kolkata Shashadhar Mazamdar.

The first Head Master of Atatruk Model High School was Jalaluddin Ahmed BA; BT. He served the institution from 1939 to 1951. At present there are 18 teachers including 3 women and 1033 students including 141 girls in the school. Its results in the SSC and junior stipend examinations are praiseworthy among schools of Feni district. The school owns a multi-storied market and its annual income from this complex is about two hundred thousand taka. [ABM Mohibbur Rahman]