Bangshi River

Bangshi River familiar as Banshi or Bangshi, an important tributary of the dhaleshwari river. It originates from the foot of the madhupur tract. The river flows through the eastern part of mymensingh district and travels southwards to fall into the Dhaleshwari after entering Dhaka district near the junction of savar and kaliakair upazilas. In its northern reaches the river joins with the old brahmaputra and ultimately turns into an offshoot of the Old Brahmaputra. Length of the river is 238 km. Its peak flow is 1,000 cumec and the minimum flow is only 5 cumec at mirzapur. It is navigable only in the monsoon season. [Masud Hasan Chowdhury]

See map in brahmaputra-jamuna river system.