Bauddha Dharmankur Sabha

Bauddha Dharmankur Sabha Buddhist religious organisation founded by kripasharan mahasthavir in calcutta on 5 October 1892. The aim of the organisation was to revive the Buddhist religion in India and nurture Buddhist studies. Kripasharan Mahasthavir was its first president and Surendralal Mutsuddi its secretary. Activities started from a temporary office on Lalitamohan Das Lane (at present Buddhist Temple Street). It was through the efforts of this organisation that the Dharmankur Vihara in Kolkata was established in 1903.

The journal of the Dharmankur Sabha, Jagajjyoti, edited by Gunalangkar Sthavir and Shraman Punnananda Swami, was first published in 1908. It was subsequently also edited by benimadhab barua. After several breaks, the journal restarted publication in 1970 with Deepak Kumar Barua as its editor. In 1980 it became bilingual. It continues to be published as the official journal of the Dharmankur Sabha.

The activities of the Bauddha Dharmankur Sabha include holding meetings and conferences, observing religious festivals, according receptions to intellectuals etc. In 1909 the organisation established the Gunalangkar Library in Bihar, where a statue of Buddha made of eight metals and brought from Akyab was set up. A night school was also established. In 1935 a pali study and research centre, called Nalanda Vidyabhavan, was established through the efforts of Benimadhab Barua. The organisation continues to play an important role in the Buddhist community with branches outside Kolkata. [Rebatapriya Barua]