Bose, Sarat Chandra

Sarat Chandra Bose

Bose, Sarat Chandra (1889-1950) was a Barrister, nationalist politician, leader of the Congress in the Bengal Legislative Assembly and a leader of the forward bloc. Son of Janaki Nath Bose and the elder brother of subhas chandra bose, Sarat Chandra was born in Calcutta on 6 September 1889.

After completing his graduation in Calcutta he left for England in 1911. Sarat Chandra Bose began his political life under the influence of chitta ranjan das. He became President of the Bengal Congress in 1936 and served as a member of the All India Congress Working Committee from 1936 to January 1947, when he resigned from it over the issue of the Congress handling of the cabinet mission Plan.

As a Bengali patriot Bose was against the idea of partitioning Bengal. He was in favour of a union of India consisting of autonomous Socialist Republics on socio-linguistic line. His idea largely coincided with that of huseyn shaheed suhrawardy, the chief minister of Bengal. Both the leaders later joined hands in an attempt to realise the dream of a united independent Bengal, a dream which turned out to be too utopian for the political developments favouring partition of India, and partition of Bengal and Punjab on communal lines. Bose died in Calcutta on 20 February 1950. [Chitta Ranjan Misra]