Chakravarty, Yugendra Chandra

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Chakravarty, Yugendra Chandra (1865-1940) Lawyer, politician, litterateur. He was born in the village of Purbo Rajarampur in dinajpur town in 1865. His father Girish Chandra Chakravarty was a lawyer. Yugendra Chandra passed his entrance examination from dinajpur zila School in 1882. After obtaining BA, MA and BL degree from Kolkata University, he joined Dinajpur Bar in 1889.

Yugendra Chandra was active in politics alongside legal profession. In 1890 when the Dinajpur district committee of the indian national congress was formed, he was elected its founding secretary general. He was also elected the Chairman of Dinajpur Municipality for 1919-1921, and re-elected for the same post in 1928 and continued to hold the position until 1939. He was also elected the president of the Dinajpur district committee of the National Congress and took a leading role in all anti-British (anti-colonial) movements. He also played a pioneering role in the Babgobhabgo Birodhi Andolon (Anti partition of Bengal movement) and Mahatma Gandhi';s Non-Cooperation Movement of 1921-1922.

He edited the Dinajpur Patrik'a (1885) from 1307 to 1316 (Bangla year). He was one of the vice-presidents of a number of local organisations such as: Dinajpur Samiti, Maharaja Girijanath Smritiraksha Committee (1924), Dinajpur National School Founding Committee (1932) and the Executive Committee of khawja najimuddin Muslim Hall and Library (1935-1940). He died in 1940. [Muhammad Maniruzzaman] [Maniruzzaman, Muhammad Department of Islamic History and Culture, Carmichael College, Rangpur]