Fariad, Ulfat Husain

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Fariad, Ulfat Husain (1804-1881) Poet of Persian and Urdu languages. His real name was Ulfat Husain, pen-name was Fariad. Ulfat was born in Azimabad. He was appointed a house-tutor for the Nawab family when he went to Murshidabad in 1845. He came to Kolkata in 1849 as an emissary of the Nawab Nazim and stayed there until 1874. Ulfat occupied a position of prestige among the educated and literary circle of Kolkata. People like Khan Bahadur Abdul Latif, Moulana Abdur Roufhid, Moulana Obaidullah Al Obaidi Suhrawardy, Nawab Amir Ali were his disciples. One of his disciples Shad Azimabadi wrote his biography titled 'Hayate Fariad'; (1926).

Ulfat wrote poems in Parsi and Urdu languages. His notable books: Masnavi-e-DabistaneAkhlaque, Masnavi-e Rawzatul Ma-ani, Masnavi-e-Ganzinae Ishq, Masnavi-e-Tilasme Ulfat, Deewane Farsi, Deewane Urdu, etc. Masnavi-e-Dabistane Akhlaque was published from the Muhammadi Press of Kolkata in 1876. Ulfat also published some Parsi periodicals. Of them, 'Ainaye Geetinuma'; was the outstanding one. [Abu Musa Md. Arif Billah] [Billah, Abu Musa Mohammad Arif  Associate Professor of Persian Languages and Literature, Dhaka University]