Grambarta Prakashika

Grambarta Prakashika influential nineteenth-century journal, first published in April 1863 under the editorship of kangal harinath Majumdar. In June-July 1864 it became a fortnightly and a weekly in April-May 1871. Initially it was printed at Girish Vidyaratna Press, Kolkata. In 1864 Grambarta was shifted to Mathuranath Press at Kumarkhali. In 1873 the Kumarkhali press was donated to Harinath by its owner, Mathuranath Moitreya.

Grambarta Prakaxika published articles on literature, philosophy, science etc. Reputed Bengali scholars used to write in the journal. rabindranath tagore's essays on literature, philosophy and science as well as poems were also published in it. The well-known Muslim writer mir mosharraf hossain began his literary activities through this paper for which he first worked as a mofussil correspondent. jaladhar sen, well-known as a writer of Himalayan travels and journalist, also began his literary career through this journal.

Harinath edited Grambarta Prakasika for 18 years. During this period he led a relentless struggle to promote education in Bengal and create public opinion against exploitation. He published articles exposing social and political wrongs, and his pen was particularly uncompromising against the oppression of British indigo farmers and moneylenders. [Md Masud Parvez]