Jashori, Abul Hasan

Jashori, Abul Hasan (1918-1993) a Hadith scholar, orator, politician and an Islamic scholar. Son of Janab Ali Biswas, he was born in Bhabanipur of Harinakunda, Jhenidah (under greater Jessore and hence the appellation 'Jashori') in 1918. He had his early education at the village school and then moved to the Magura High School where from he matriculated. Since 1937 he pursued courses in religious studies at the Fatehpur Madrasa in Delhi for six years. Afterwards he had the fortune to study different branches of Islamic thought at the feet of eminent scholars like Shaikhul Islam Syed Hossain Ahmad Madani, Allama Ibrahim Baliabi, Shaikhul Adab Ijaz Ali and Mufti Shafi of the Darul Ulum Deoband Madrasa. He also studied spiritualism under Syed Hossain Ahmad Madani and Mufti Azizul Huq. Jashori acquired excellence in the learning of hadith.

In 1948 Abul Hasan Jashori started teaching Hadith at the Gauhardanga Madrasa, Faridpur. He joined the Jessore Railway Station Madrasa as Principal in 1969. He served this institution as the Principal and shaikhul Hadith to his last day. He wrote several books, made significant contributions in preaching Islam and in eradicating polytheism, social evils and prejudices.

Initially Abul Hasan's political affiliation was with the muslim league. Later, in 1945, he joined the Jamiat-i-Ulama Islam when Maulana Abdur Rouf Danapuri founded this party in calcutta Muhammad Ali Park. He was its vice-chairman from 1967 onwards till 8 July 1993 when he died. He lies buried in the compound of the Jessore Railway Station Madrasa. [M Afaz Uddin]