Kohinoor, The

Kohinoor, The a monthly magazine, first published from kushtia in July 1898 (Asadh, 1305 BS), then from Pangsha, Faridpur and finally from Kolkata. AKM Mohammad Rawshan Ali Chowdhury, a resident of Pangsha, was its editor.

The journal was published irregularly from the beginning. Initially, it appeared for a little more than one year, then from April 1904 (Baishakh, 1311 BS) for about three years and finally from April 1911 (Baisakh, 1318 BS) for another year. When it began publication 'Bibidha Bisayak Masikpatra O Samalochana' (Monthly Paper on Miscellaneous Topics and Criticism) was printed on the title page. When it restarted publication in 1904, this line was replaced with 'Masikpatra O Samalochana: Hindu-Mussalmaner Sampritir Uddeshye Prakashita' (Monthly Paper and Criticism: Published to Bring About Amity between Hindus and Muslims).

A managing council, comprising thirty-five members drawn from both Hindu and Muslim communities, ran the magazine. The magazine published essays on social, educational and political topics as well as poems, stories and novels. Because of its non-communal stance, the magazine was popular among both the communities- Hindus and Muslims. [Wakil Ahmed]