Krishnanath Sarvabhauma

Krishnanath Sarvabhauma (17 AD) Sanskrit scholar and poet from Kotalipara of Gopalganj district. 'Sarvabhauma' is a title suggesting Krishnanath's scholarship. His wife, Vaijayanti Devi, was also a sanskrit scholar and took part in literary activities along with her husband. Among Krishnanath's writings are Devishatakam and Ananda-Latika, written together with his wife. Ananda-Latika is a champukavya, a mixture of prose and verse. It is in five kusumas (chapters), with 762 passages of verse interspersed with prose dialogue. It is inspired by the theme of human love and suffering as well as the spiritual beauty of Krishvalila. Ananda-Latika was published in volumes 23 and 24 of the Sankrit Sahitya Parisat Patrika. Devisatakam was also published by the sanskrit sahitya parisat in 1944. [Rabindra Nath Sarker]