Kuakata sea beach

Kuakata a beach resort with rare scenic beauty spot on the southern most tip of Bangladesh from where both sunrise and sunset can be enjoyed unobstructed. Kuakata is three hundred twenty kilometer from Dhaka and seventy Kilometers from Patuakhali town. The best way to reach Kuakata from Dhaka is to first travel to Barisal by road, water or air and then to take bus or motorboat for destination. The bangladesh road transport corporation (BRTC) has introduced a direct bus service from Dhaka to Kuakata via Barisal.

There is a legend about the name, Kuakata. Being driven from Arakan many Rakhains settled along the coastline in the 1780s. Being deprived of fresh water, they dug a well for it and they were successful in managing fresh water for drinking. Thus they gave the name of the place, Kuakata.

The Kuakata beach is eighteen kilometres long and three kilometres wide. There is a coconut garden and a reserved forest alongside the beach. Fishing community comes here in makeshifts settlement to prepare sutki (dried fish) on the eastern beach in winter season. There are many picnic spots and a large forest of shegun (Teak) tree. Alipore is the biggest fishing trade center in this region. Kuakata is also a sanctuary for migratory winter birds.

Many people visit Kuakata with an archaeological interest, as there are several old Buddhist temples visible at Keranipara, Misripara and Amkholapara. Rites and rituals and many other cultural aspects of the local rakhain community make a good tourist attraction.

Kuakata is a place of pilgrimage for many Hindus and Buddhists, who come here during the festivals of Rush Purnima and Maghi Purnima. A major ritual on the occasion is the taking of bath in the water of Kuakata, which they believe to be holy. Visitors enjoy the traditional fairs and the bath. [Mofazzal Hossain]