Lekhika Sangha

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Lekhika Sangha an organisation promoting the interest of the women writers of Bangladesh. Established in December 1973 in Dhaka, its founding members were poet begum sufia kamal, Begum khodeja khatun, Begum Shams Rashid, Syeda Lutfunnessa and Begum Majeda Khatun. Begum Khodeja Khatun was the founder President of Bangladesh Lekhika Sangha.

Since 1985, a literary award entitled Bangladesh Lekhika Sangha Shahitya Padak is given every year to two renowned writers of the country, irrespective of gender, on the anniversary of the organisation

Bangladesh Lekhika Sangha has expanded its activities in Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna and Kushtia and more than 300 writers are its members.

Books and Journals published by Lekhika Shangha are: Savchayan (7 vols), Kaler Pata, Boba Kanna, Jagrata Shatabdi, Hridoye Krsvachuda, Priya Pangtimala, Brsti Bheja Mukh and Shata Puspa (3 vols). [Nayan Rahman]