Matua Sangit

Matua Sangit spiritual songs of the Matua sect, containing praises of the god Hari and their gurus, Harichand Thakur and Guruchand. Composers of Matua songs include Aswani Gosai, tarak chandra sarker, Manohar Sarker, Mahananda Sarker, Rasik Sarker, Prafulla Gonsai, Surendranath Sarker, and Swarup Sarker.

Composed in the manner of baul songs, these songs are predominantly about love (prem) and devotion (bhakti). The closing lines of the songs mention the name of the composer. Musical instruments such as the drum, shibga, and kansar are used as accompaniments. The devotees dance while they sing.

Matuya songs describe the longing of the soul for the divine. As in other religious poetry, the desire of the human soul is imaged in terms of human love as in the following songs: Hari tomar namer madhu pan korla na man-bhramara (The honey-bee mind has not drunk the honey from your name, oh Hari), Kabe tanre pab re, paran kande Harichand bali (When shall I meet Him, my soul cries for Harichand), Amar ei akivchan, he Guruchand tomay ami bhalabasi (Listen to me, O Guruchand, I love you). [Wakil Ahmed]