Meyeli Git

Meyeli Git (Female Song) folk song sung by rural women individually or collectively at family gatherings and social ceremonies. The women compose the songs and tunes themselves. Women of different ages participate in these songs. They are all usually amateur singers, but sometimes perform these songs at marriage ceremonies for cash gifts. Musical instruments do not generally accompany female songs although sometimes the dhol or tom-tom may be used. Generally, sad thoughts and emotions are depicted in these songs. Female songs are sung during different marriage rituals, such as the gaye halud ceremony, the bride and bridegroom bathing ceremony, while the bride is being dressed, the welcome and farewell to the bridegroom, and the farewell to the bride. Such sad songs have a universal appeal for the parents and relations of the bride who are going to her father-in-law's house. Female songs are occasionally sung by women throughout the night when someone in the family falls ill, in the hope of a cure. Women also sing these songs in their leisure hours, to express their feelings and emotions. Female songs blend the hopes and desires of women with jokes and laughter. These songs were very popular in the past, but with changing tastes they are losing their popularity. [Shahida Khatun]