Nur-al-Iman Samaj

Nur-al-Iman Samaj educational organisation established in 1893 to improve the conditions of the Muslim community. The workers of the organisation took up programmes to spread the message of Islam through well-trained preachers, magazines, books, as well as by setting up educational institutions. In 1900 it started publication of a monthly magazine, entitled Nur-al-Iman. The magazine was distributed free of cost among the members of the organisation.

mirza muhammad yusuf ali was the central figure of the organisation. He also worked as its secretary. On behalf of the organisation, he set up two Muslim hostels at rajshahi and naogaon.

Nur-al-Iman Samaj published two books of theology, Mirza Muhammad Yusuf Ali's Dugdha-Sarobar (1891) and Saubhagya Sparshamani (5 volumes, 1895-1915), the Bangla translation of Kimia-e-Sadat by Imam Ghazzali. Saubhagya Sparsamani was translated by a committee of six, headed by Mirza Muhammad Yusuf Ali. [Wakil Ahmed]