Raychowdhuri, Acharya Brajendra Kishore

Raychowdhuri, Acharya Brajendra Kishore (1874-1957) musician, actor and writer, was born at Balihar in the district of rajshahi. He was adopted by the wife of the zamindar of Gouripur. He studied the mrdabga under Ramchandra Charkaborty and Murarimohan Gupta, and the esraj under Abdullah Khan, Imdad Hossain Khan, Shitalchandra Mukherjee and Hanuman Dasji. He was also well-versed in music theory, having studied the theory of classical music with Daksinacharan Sen. He collected a large number of rare books on music and a huge number of dhrupad songs. He translated the Sabgi Parijat, a book on music written by Ahobal and the Sangit Ratnakar of Sharngadev. He was a member of Bharat Sangit Samaj. He was also a well-known actor. [Mobarak Hossain Khan]