Shukur Mahmud

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Shukur Mahmud (c 1665-1735) mediaeval mystic poet, was born in the village of Sindurkusumi in rajshahi. His full name was Abdul Shukur Mahmud, but he is better known as Shukur Mahmud. His father was also a mystic poet.

Shukur Mahmud wrote Gopichandrer Sannyas in 1705, about Gopichandra, a prince who became an ascetic. The poem has been edited by several well-known scholars: Bisweswar Bhattacharya, dinesh chandra sen, Basantaranjan Chattopadhyay (1924), Nalinikanta Bhattashali (1925), and Abul Kalam Mohammad Zakaria (1974). Zakaria's version contains the complete poem.

Gupichandrer Sannyas contains elements of buddhism, sufism and Nath philosophy. It is particularly influenced by the charyagiti. [Khandker Muzammil Haq]