Tentulia River

Tentulia River a flow of the Lower Meghna River. Originating from the meghna at north of bhola district, the river flows over Tentulia, Nimdi, Kalaia and Purbamunia to fall into the bay of bengal at Rangopaldi of galachipa upazila as the Buragouranga.

In the past the river was a torrential one, but at present it becomes gentle due to a great braid formation. The Tentulia disconnected the Bhola district from the main land of barisal. The Ramnabad Island is located at the west end of the river. An offshoot of the Meghna river from Shahbajpur meets the Tentulia.

The total length of the river is about 84 km and the average width is 6 km. Dhulia Bazar, Gangapur Bazar, Manipur Bazar, Kalaiya port, Dasmuni Bazar are some of the important places on the bank of the river. The river shows erosional tendency. A number of places under bauphal and Galachipa upazilas are facing severe bank-erosion caused by the Tentulia river.

The Laukathi, an offshoot of the Tentulia is gradually decaying and as a result, the river routes between Patuakhali district town and other places are being impeded. However, the chars and islands forming at various locations on the Tentulia, are now becoming the sites for settlements and crop cultivation. [Masud Hasan Chowdhury]