Ahmad, Mearajuddin

Ahmad, Mearajuddin (19th century) Islamic scholar and litterateur, was born at satkhira in khulna. He taught Arabic and Persian at St Xavier's College in Kolkata. He knew both Bangla and Urdu and translated articles from Urdu magazines for publication in the sudhakar. He collaborated with muhammad reazuddin ahmad in writing Tuhfatul Moslemin (1885) and with sheikh abdur rahim in writing Dharmayuddha Ba Jihad O Samaj Samskar (1890), a book about jihad or holy war and social reform.

Mearajuddin Ahmad wrote Tuhfatul Moslemin, a book for young girls, at the request of the dhaka mussalman suhrid sammilani, or Dhaka Muslim Friends' Association. In Dharmayuddha Ba Jihad O Samaj Samskar, he tried to demonstrate that Indian Muslims were not obliged to revolt against the British because they enjoyed religious freedom in India. He had considerable influence on the Muslim literary circle of Kolkata. mohammad mozammel huq dedicated his book Ferdousi Charita or the biography of Ferdousi (1898) to Mearajuddin Ahmad, describing him as 'a great soul', 'well-spoken', 'soft-spoken', 'virtuous' etc. [Wakil Ahmed]