Chaudhuri, Ashutosh

Chaudhuri, Ashutosh (1888-1944) poet and collector of folk songs, was born on 5 November, 1888 in Kaburkhil village under boalkhali thana in Chittagong district. His father, Kailaschandra Chaudhuri, was a schoolmaster. After passing the Entrance and Muktarship examinations from Chittagong, Ashutosh initially joined the district court. He then took up his father's profession and started teaching school. During this period dinesh chandra sen read his book, Chheleder Chattalbhumi (A Boy's Chittagong). At his recommendation, in 1925 calcutta university appointed Ashutosh Chaudhuri as a collector of folk songs.

Ashutosh Chaudhuri collected a large number of pala gans or ballads from different parts of chittagong district, among them Nizam Dakater Pala, Kafan Chora, Bheluya, Hati Khedar Gan, Kamal Sadagarer Pala, Suza Tanayar Vilap, Nachhar Malum, Nurunneha O Kabarer Katha, Paribanur Hainla, Dewan Manuhar O Majuna. These ballads were published in purbabanga-gitika, edited by Dinesh Chandra Sen.

Ashutosh Chaudhuri was also famous as a poet and musician. His songs have been anthologised in Gitika. He also wrote a number of narrative poems and ballads, including Adam Ashak, Vyathar Vani, Svapner Jay. He published a dictionary on the Chittagong dialect: Chattagrami Bhasa O Sangskrti. In collaboration with ohidul alam, Ashutosh Chaudhuri edited a monthly journal named Purabi. He died on 27 March in 1944. [Momen Chowdhury]